Our skiing philosophy in the Val D’aran


In our opinion, this destination offers a multitude of possibilities for winter sports.

The mountains of the Val d’Aran are incredible, with many peaks rising to 2,800 – 3,000 meters. The terrain of its mountains and valleys gives its landscape a very Alpine look, and its traditional villages will make you think time has stood still. Since it faces the Atlantic, the Val d’Aran offers exceptional quality snow. This makes it ideal for powder snow skiing, off-piste skiing, and of course, ski touring.

Baqueira Beret is one of the Pyrenees’ most important ski resorts, famous in part for the quality of its snow, and for the possibilities of off-piste skiing with slopes of over 1,000 meters.

Can you imagine a day’s skiing that ends with an off-piste descent in incredible snow, skiing through snowy forests, arriving at a shelter where you’re served a wonderful meal, after which you return to the station on a snowmobile? That’s possible in this valley!

Or how about ski touring with one of our mountain guides in the Aiguestortes National Park?  The circular 3 or 5-day route visits different refuges that provide maximum comfort after the day’s exertions. That’s also possible here!


Because this area offers so much, we decided that we wanted to let you in on the secret, our programs mean that you’ll enjoy this wonderful destination, that is still little known outside Spain, as much as we do.

Still not sure? Watch this video. We’re convinced that after you see it, you’ll be planning your visit to the Val d’Aran.

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