Much more than a travel agency

Outdoor Playground Travel is a team of people in love with the mountains, the water, and everything that comes with being outdoors enjoying our favorite sports such as ski touring, off piste skiing, mountaineering, climbing, trekking, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking …


Our team

Lionel Philippe


Lionel is a UIAGM certified mountain guide and ski instructor. A few years ago, during a trip to the Lofoten Islands, he discovered this magical site and its incredible possibilities. Every winter since then he has shared unforgettable moments with his clients in the fjords of Northern Norway. The rest of the year he travels and explores mountains to offer unique destinations in addition to his home mountains, the Pyrenees.
Kari Gomez Augestad

Kari Gomez Augestad


Half Spanish – half Norwegian, Kari is our keystone in the land of the Vikings. After many years working as ski instructor, she arrived to Lofoten 12 years ago and felt in love with these islands. Over the years, his knowledge and connections have opened the doors to the most remote valleys. She is also a fan of the Andorran mountains where she spends most of her time.

David Sanabria


David is a UIAGM mountain guide. He is the first to go to the mountains and the last to return. The efficiency, safety and well-being of his companions are his main priorities. David is a complete skier; he has dragged his skis in the mountains all over the world, but it is the Aran Valley that is his garden, and he knows the area like his own pocket.
Raphael Fourau

Raphaël Fourau


Raphaël comes from the climbing culture, he cut his teeth on cliffs all over the world before entering the world of skiing and adventure. Nowadays, he is a well-known photographer and director, and has carried out projects and made reportages for many players in the outdoor world.
We specialize in several mountain destinations such as the Lofoten Islands in Norway, but also the Pyrenees, Andorra and amazing countries as Canada-Alaska (either to descend the Yukon in Canoe or to enjoy a ski expedition over 2,400 meters in a Base Camp to enjoy mountain skiing in the Kluone National Park). We love to work in exotic destinations like Georgia but also enjoy the powder from Japan.

In each of our destinations we have a local team that ensures the best service.

If you have a dream or a destination we will look for the best options to offer them to you. Anything is possible.