Start date: 02/03/2025
Final date: 27/04/2025
Duration: 7 days

 Price: from 4850€

Lofoten, Norway | Level: Medium

Exclusive programme: the perfect combination of sail and lodge!

The freedom of travelling by boat in the fjords, the comfort of a lodge and the pleasure of local cuisine.
Ski by boat from your lodge and discover wild landscapes accessible only from the sea.
This package offers you an exclusive service provided by our fast boat Axopar 37 and our high quality accommodation.
Our 2 guides will be at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made service and maximum security. Back at the lodge, you can enjoy a sauna before dining on traditional dishes prepared by our chef.
A tailor-made private holiday to discover this unique and magical archipelago in the best possible way…

Our programme includes:

  • Tailor-made stay.
  • Axopar 37 boat for skiing, fishing or sailing (includes 150 nautical miles per week, so you are assured of good days of boat skiing).
  • 7 nights at “Lofoten Playground”, located in the harbour of Henningsvaer. Private and fully equipped lodge. Scandinavian style accommodation offering great comfort.
  • Full board with our slow food and local cuisine dinners.
  • 6 days of ski touring activities with our High Mountain Guides.
  • Activities led by 2 qualified mountain guides.
  • Private organisation of the activity, just for you.
  • 2 vehicles for all transfers driven by your guides, including pick up and drop off at the airport in Svolvaer (Lofoten).

The Lodge also have:

  • Sauna, reading area, repairing ski area and kayaks.
  • Private wine cellar, where you will find a selection of wines and alcoholic beverages (at extra cost).

Extra options at an additional cost:

  • Kastle mountain ski rental.
  • Safety equipment rental.
  • Private wine cellar with wine selection.

Not included:

  • Flights.
  • Alcoholic beverages from our cellar.

The Exclusive programme offers you the possibility to make the most of your stay in the mountains and fjords.
This exclusive and private programme is based on a maximum of 8 people, which also includes an Axopar 37 Cabin boat.

This option will allow you to ski in areas only accessible by boat.
The comfort of a private lodge and the flexibility to make the most of the fjords in Lofoten.

Why traveling with us?

  • 10 years of experience.
  • Program designed by a Norwegian, CEO of the agency.
  • Accommodation in a private lodge in Henningsvaer, one of the most beautiful harbours in Lofoten.
  • Exceptional gastronomy.
  • Our own boat, adapted to access the wildest areas of the fjords.
  • Professional organisation.

Day 1. Welcome.
Welcome at the airport of Svolvaer (Lofoten) and transport to the Lodge. Welcome dinner and presentation of the Lodge in Heningsvær.

Lofoten Eski Exclusive




Lofoten Eski Exclusive

DAY 2- 7.  Briefing on material and 6 days of ski touring.
The first day in the morning we will have a talk about safety and review material. We will then go for the first day of ski touring. Each day we will move to a different area in search of the best conditions and to reach the surrounding summits.
In total, 6 days of ski touring which will include one of the highest ski summits of the Lofoten, Geitgallien.
In our 
Exclusive Program, use of the boat will allow us to optimize the outings in the fjords’ complex terrain.

Lofoten Eski Exclusive

Groupe prive ski LofotenSki Guidee Norvege

grid fotos programa exclusive

Ski Lofoten NoruegaSki et Aurores Boreales

Lofoten Eski Exclusive

DAY 8. Return to the airport
Return transport from Heningsvær to Svolvaer (Lofoten).

Passionate ski tourers who can ski in all kinds of snow.
You need to be in good physical form, sufficient for you to ski for around 6-8 hours a day, ascending or descending between 800 to 1.500 meters depending on the group.

🎿 Skis with ski touring bindings. We recommend skis with a minimum width of 90mm to make the most of the descents in powder snow, although this is not essential.
🔪 Knives for ski skins, skins for skis, crampons and ice axe.
🥢 Ski poles.
🥾 Ski touring boots
🏔️ Avalanche safety material (shovel, probe, DVA)
🎒 Backpack with a 30-liter capacity, on which skis can be attached.
🧢 Warm beanie and a buff for the neck.
🕶️ Ski goggles and sunglasses with a UV4 protection.
⛷ Ski helmet (recommended).
👕 Technical underwear: tee-shirts and long leggings to go under ski pants. Preferably of merino wool since it is very breathable and antibacterial, so it retains odours less than synthetic garments.
🧥 Polar or synthetic garment that slides well under the Gore-Tex
🧥 Down or Primaloft jacket to keep you warm once you have reached a summit, or on cold windy days.
🧥 Waterproof outerwear, such as a Gore-Tex jacket
👖 Soft Shell type pants and / or a Gore-Tex type of trousers are also recommended for snowy, cold or windy days.
🧤 Light gloves and warm gloves -Gore-Tex waterproof type-. Silk gloves are recommended as a first layer of gloves.
🧦 Ski socks made of merino wool are recommended because they have the advantage of being very breathable and antibacterial, so it retains odours less than synthetic materials. Think about it if you have to re-equip yourself.
🥤 1l water bottle or Camelback, Thermos, pocket knife, duct tape, 50 index sunscreen
🩺 Basic emergency kit. Your usual medication, set of adhesive dressings, Elastoplasts, disinfectant compresses, pain medication (Aspirin or Ibuprofen type), a broad range of antibiotics is recommended.

Download here the material list.
Download herethe sales conditions.
Check the conditions and purchase your travel Insurance here.

If you need it, we can provide you with the necessary material for the activity:

We offer you a small rental of Kastle ski touring skis, the TX range of ski mountaineering skis.

  • SKIS Kastle TX ( 103/ 93/ 87 waist) with ATK pin bindings, skins and poles. Price 6 days: 180€.
  • SKIS Kastle TX ( 103/ 93/ 87 waist) with ATK pin bindings, skins and poles + DVA. Price 6 days: 220€.
  • SKIS Kastle TX ( 103/ 93/ 87 waist) with ATK pin bindings, skins and poles + DVA + Airbag. Price 6 days: 320€.

We also offer you the rental of only the safety equipment:

  • DVA, shovel and probe. Price 6 days: 80€.
  • Airbag backpack. Price 6 days: 130€.
  • Airbag backpack and DVA shovel and probe. Price 6 days: 180€.

From 4850 Euros per person (based on group of 8 people).

Group 7 persons: 5.450€/person.
Group 6 persons: 5.950€/person.
Group 5 persons: 6.350€/person.

Download here the complete program.

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Start date: 02/03/2025
Final date 27/04/2025
Duration: 7 days

Price: from 4850€